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BioGlass and SenseGlass

Using Google Glass to Track Health and Emotional Wellbeing

What if you could see what calms you down or increases your stress as you go through your day? What if you could see clearly what is causing these changes for your child or another loved one? People could become better at accurately interpreting and communicating their feelings, and better at understanding the needs of those they love. This work explores the possibility of using sensors embedded in Google Glass, a head-mounted wearable device, to robustly measure physiological signals of the wearer.  more ›


Special Interest and Working Groups

Media Lab research is organized into consortia funded by corporate sponsors.
  • Digital Life
  • Things That Think
The following smaller, more focused special interest groups (SIGs) and working groups deal with particular subject areas.
  • Autism & Communication Technology Initiative
  • CE 2.0
  • City Science
  • Connection Science
  • Future of News
  • Future Storytelling
  • Ultimate Media

Centers and Joint Programs

Centers and joint programs combine the work of Media Lab researchers with collaborators throughout MIT.
  • Center for Civic Media
  • Center for Mobile Learning
  • Communications Futures Program