Trisk: A manipulator robot for active perception experiments

Trisk is a robot with a variety of perceptual and manipulation capabilities. A six-degree-of-freedom arm and a four-degree-of-freedom hand enable Trisk to perform various grasps and touch explorations of physical objects. The three fingers of the hand are equipped with six-axis force-torque sensors that enable extrapolation of the positions and magnitudes of contact surfaces.

Cameras mounted in Trisk's head are each capable of two axes of rotation, allowing the cameras to view well over a 180-degree range of the workspace. Our tracking system allows Trisk to track selected objects using stereo vision, allowing three-dimensional visual localization.

The final plan for Trisk involves two arms along with a fully-movable neck (currently the neck is fixed and there's only the one arm). The movement of the neck will allow the system to go beyond its current simple eye rotation to take multiple visual viewpoints.

Current ongoing projects with Trisk include visual tracking, visual object classification and recognition, touch exploration and categorization, and behavioral integration with survival and integration goals.


Video clips

Trisk coping with failures [QuickTime, 85 megs]

Trisk: a Robotic Platform for Language Grounding [QuickTime, 6.2 megs]

Trisk identifies a visual object [QuickTime, 5.9 megs]

Trisk tracks and identifies several objects [QuickTime, 4.5 megs]

Trisk pokes at a moving object [QuickTime, 14 megs]

Trisk moves, tracks, and grabs an object [QuickTime, 18 megs]

Kai-yuh Hsiao
Soroush Vosoughi
Stefanie Tellex
Rony Kubat
Philipp Robbel
Peter Lai
J.T. Wang