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MindFest participants showed off their inventions in the Exhibition Hall (in the atrium of the Media Lab) throughout MindFest. All exhibitors were at their stations during a special session from 5:00–6:00pm on Saturday. Exhibitors made short presentations during the Show & Tell session 11:30–12:30 on Saturday in Room 054. (The Exhibition Hall was non-commercial: it was intended for kids, educators, and hobbyists to show off their creations, not for companies to promote products.)

Full Exhibitors List:
Located on Both Levels

iBall Construction
Rick Borovoy and the iBall Team
Computer kiosks are available on the ground and lower levels for building your own iBalls.


Located in the Upper Atrium

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
Sue Jackson & Sarah Alexander
Handmade automata from British Craftsmen, and mechanical wooden automata kits.

Brian Cooper
Infradreadnaughts, three gladiator bots with 360 degree infrared beacons to signal their position to their opponents, autonomously seek, locate and attack each other with a variety of motorized weapons in an exciting melee of flailing plastic.

Catapult Mania
Alex Witherspoon
A robot that catapults objects on command.

Throwbot Acrobat
Barrett Fisher
A LEGO Throwbot that spins like an acrobat.

Data Logging with the LEGO RCX
Barbara Bratzel, Shady Hill School and Cathy Fett, LEGO Dacta
Students use the data-logging capabilities of the LEGO RCX in inventing their own devices, such as a solar-powered car that always parks facing the sun.

Sploids - Construction Toy Interconnectors - Roller Coaster
Keith Gudger & Ian Gudger
A roller-coaster made from Legos, K'NeX and Sploids uses unusual materials to complete a project - also demonstrating plastic molding techniques for the hobbyist.

Fidelity Robot Contest
Fred Martin
In the Fidelity/MIT Robo-Golf contest, students build robots and technology management professionals invest in them.

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)
FIRST LEGO League and High School Robotics Teams
FIRST LEGO League and the National Senior Robotics Competition expose todayís youth to the real-world applications of science and technology using a hands-on, project-oriented approach.

Machine with Wishbone
Arthur Ganson
A kinetic sculpture in which a chicken wishbone is made to walk by the action of a simple wire mechanism.

The Lemelson-MIT Program
Lemelson-MIT Staff
Demonstrations and presentations by inventors, plus materials and resources for inventors, kids, parents and teachers.

Jennifer Cross
A LEGO Mindstorms robot tries to find its way through the passages of a custom designed maze using optical and touch sensors.

The Maze Solver
Steve Farnsworth
A yellow brick mobile that first searches for a maze on the table, keeps itself from falling off the table and then hopefully solves any maze that any onlooker can design for it.


Located in the Lower Atrium

Build-It-Yourself Toy Laboratory
Rafael Pedicini, Naseem Makiya, and George McKenna
Use the best parts from LEGO®, K'NEX®, Radio Shack®, the local hardware store. Add junk from around the house, a cup full of your imagination and stamp it: "Made In Another Universe"

Building Robots that Play
Mark & Katie Miller
Mark and his nine-year old daughter Kate show off their latest creations in getting MindStorms robots to play games.

LEGO Mindstorms Robot Soccer
LEGO Lab, University of Aarhus
The LEGO Lab, a Danish university lab supported by LEGO, exhibits new developments in research in robot soccer—make our own LEGO Mindstorms robot soccer player within 30 minutes.

Kinetic Design and Some Toys Too!
Roger Nielsen
Several Kinetic structures built in a graduate architecture course at MIT.

International Clock
Noah Silverman, 6th grade, Little Red School House
This clock will show the time anywhere on the globe.

Homebrew Sensors
Michael Gasperi
A demonstration of homebrew sensors compatible with the RCX.

Rilybot 4
Robert Munafo
This autonomous robot can be trained and retrained in a simple and intuitive way.

LEGO Mindstorms
Anthony Fudd
Robot demonstrations by Anthony Fudd, official LEGO Mindstorms designer.

Color Sorting Pneumatic Claw and Robotic Forklift
Mike Phillips
The pneumatic claw is fed different color blocks by a conveyor belt and sorts them according to color. The robotic forklift also sorts blocks by color.

NQC Robots
Dave Baum
A variety of robots programmed in NQC.

Michael Klouda
A robot that can travel through pipes.

Brick Breaker
Christopher Phillips
RCX-Guided LEGO Cannon.

Tufts Center for Engineering Educational Outreach
Ben Erwin
Projects from the Tufts Center for Engineering Educational Outreach and its affiliated schools and programs.

Jin Sato's Robot Creations
Jin Sato
MIBO (LEGO Mindstorms Hall of Fame winner), MTR-033 (four legged robot), MM-5 (six legged robot), and Ruputer (watch size computer controlled RCX) will be displayed.

Hand Held Doctor
Vadim Gerasimov
A toy that helps children better understand how their bodies work.

NELUG (New England LEGO Users Group)
Various NELUG Presenters
NELUG members have some of everything, from a large Star Wars diorama to Mindstorms robots.

Marco Beri, Giulio Ferrari, Mario Ferrari
A robot that plays a board version of the classical tic-tac-toe game.

Robo Loader
Josh Heersink
Can be steered around a table and uses pneumatics to pick up objects.

The MIT Press Bookstore
Jeremy Grainger, John Jenkins, and other staff
The MIT Press Bookstore located at 292 Main Street in Kendall Square sells books by The MIT Press and related publications from other publishers -offering a 20% discount to conference attendees at the store.

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