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Friday, October 22, 1999
4 – 6:00   Opening Reception
Saturday, October 23, 1999
8 – 9:00   Registration
9 – 9:45   Opening Keynote by Mitchel Resnick: The Pleasure of Making Things
10 – 11:00   Robot Design Competitions
  Robbie Berg, Wellesley College 
  Dean Kamen, FIRST
  Fred Martin, MIT Media Lab
  Mitchel Resnick, MIT Media Lab
  Virtual Tinkering
  Amy Bruckman, Georgia Tech 
  Yasmin Kafai, UCLA
  Michael Tempel & Hope Chafiian,
    The Logo Foundation
  John Van Zwieten Jr. & III
  Brian Smith, MIT Media Lab
11:30 – 12:30   Artistic Machines
  Mike Eisenberg, University of Colorado 
  Arthur Ganson, MIT Artist-in-Residence
  Hiroshi Ishii, MIT Media Lab
  Sue Jackson & Sarah Alexander,
    Cabaret Mechanical Theater
  Walter Bender, MIT Media Lab
  Show & Tell
  Presentations by Exhibitors 
1 –  2:00   Extreme MindStorms
  Dave Baum, NQC 
  Michael Gasperi, Homebrew Sensors
  Ralph Hempel, pbFORTH
  Markus Noga, legOS
  Kekoa Proudfoot, Stanford University
  Fred Martin, MIT Media Lab
  Young Inventors
  Tianli Dunn-Fyler 
  Peter Eacmen
  Mary-Ann Ecmecian
  K-K Gregory
  Kayty Himelstein
  Mike Eisenberg, University of Colorado
2:30 –  3:30   Master Tinkerers
  Kelly Dobson, MIT Media Lab 
  Marvin Minsky, MIT Media Lab
  Ted Selker, MIT Media Lab
  Noah Silverman, Little Red Schoolhouse
  Neil Gershenfeld, MIT Media Lab
  Robotics in the Classroom
  Ben Erwin, Tufts University 
  Janis Kam & Jenni McNally,
    Ottawa Center for Research & Innovation
  David Miller,
    Kiss Institute for Practical Robotics
  Andres & Alan Talgham,
    Arlene Fern Community School, Argentina
  Richard Wright, PCS Education Systems
  Bakhtiar Mikhak, MIT Media Lab
4 –  5:00   Innovation Instead of Working
  Paul MacCready, AeroVironment 
5 –  6:00   Display Sessions throughout the Exhibition Hall
Sunday, October 24, 1999
9:30 – 10:15   Keynote Address by Seymour Papert: Mindstorms the Book, Mindstorms the Thing
10:30 – 11:30   Science through Tinkering
  Modesto Tamez, Mission Science Center 
  Bob Tinker, Concord Consortium
  Karen Wilkinson & Mike Petrich, Exploratorium
  Natalie Rusk, Science Museum of Minnesota
  Future Robotics
  Colin Angle, IS Robotics 
  Henrik Hautop Lund, University of Aarhus
  Steve Richards, Acroname
  Fred Martin, MIT Media Lab
12 –  1:00   Why So Few Girls Tinkering?
  Laura Allen, VisionEducation 
  Dorothy Bennett,
    Center for Children and Technology
  Justine Cassell, MIT Media Lab
  Amy Bruckman, Georgia Tech
  Rethinking Engineering Education
  David Ahlgren, Trinity College 
  Bob Avanzato, Penn State
  Richard Drushel, Case Western
  Deepak Kumar, Bryn Mawr
  Fred Martin, MIT Media Lab
1:30 –  2:30   Kids and Programming
  Andy diSessa,
    University of California, Berkeley 
  Alex Repenning, University of Colorado
  Brian Silverman, Logo Computer Systems Inc.
  Chris Hancock, MIT Media Lab
  Beyond Black Boxes
  Keith Braafladt,
    Science Museum of Minnesota 
  Stina Cooke & Rachel Garber, Computer Clubhouse
  John Galinato, Build-It-Yourself
  Michael Smith-Welch, Little Red Schoolhouse
  Susan van Gelder, St. George's School
  Robbie Berg, Wellesley College
2:30 –  3:30   "Sand Castle Viewing" throughout the Construction Zone
3:30 –  4:00   Town Meeting
Reflections on MindFest — and looking ahead

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