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Sampling of projects

Hyperscore - an application that introduces children and non-musicians to musical composition and creativity in an intuitive and dynamic way.

Crickets - tiiny computers that kids can use to create musical sculptures, interactive jewelry, dancing creatures, and other artistic inventions -- and learn important math, science, and engineering ideas in the process.

Topobo - an innovative 3-D construction set that enables kids to build walking creatures and other dynamic sculptures, and then program behaviors through direct manipulation.

Computer Clubhouse - an international network of after-school learning centers where young people from low-income communities learn to express themselves creatively with new technologies.

Scratch - a new programming environment that enables kids to create their own games, animated stories, and interactive art – and then share their creations with one another over the Web.

Learn to Teach: Teach to Learn - a program in which urban youth work on technical projects to learn science, engineering, and mathematics – and then solidify their understanding by helping younger children work on similar projects.

IDEAS Institute -a professional-development program for people working at after-school centers in low-income communities, designed to create a network of people committed to deepening the learning experiences of youth through creative uses of new technologies.


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