The computer and internet revolution have had such a tremendous impact precisely because they allow a large number of people to be involved directly in the creative process of programming, manipulating and design of bits.

In the coming years we will see a parallel revolution in the ability of a large number of people to be involved in the creative process of designing,manipulating and building with atoms.

The FAB special interest group (SIG) hosted by the MIT Media Lab consists of a group of companies and research groups at the MIT Media Lab passionately working together to create and understand the implications of tools for personal fabrication.

FAB SIG has two basic goals. The first is to involve sponsor members in learning new fabrication techniques from CAD tools to 3D Printing to Laser cutting to vacuum forming to AFM assemblers to involve them with the latest developments in rapid and desktop fabrication. The second goal is to explore the future of the desktop fab. What does the future look like if each school on the planet or each person has a personal desktop fabricator?

FAB SIG is run to coincide with the final presentations for a course which we run entitled: HOW TO MAKE ALMOST ANYTHING.

SIG's are special interest groups within the MIT Media Laboratory with an in depth focus in a particular area built around a passionate group of faculty, students and sponsors. The FAB SIG is focused on personal fabrication and is unique in that nearly the entire day is geared towards hands on involvement on the part of sponsor members. The FAB SIG grew out of the PPC SIG and PPC members have an automatic grandfathered membership in FAB for a period of two years.

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