For prospective students

Students interested in the Speech Interface Group should above all be ready to explore a variety of techniques interact with computers by voice, and think about computer interaction away from traditional desktop environments. Work in the group is research oriented and best understood by looking at our recent projects list. Students who come to the group do not necessarily have prior experience in using speech technologies, but are expected to have a bent towards human-computer interaction and user interface engineering.

Students arrive at the group with a variety of backgrounds and programs of study are tailored to the interests and abilities of each individual students. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, such as linguistics, psychology, and computer science, signal processing, or professional audio engineering experience. All students are expected to be fluent or fast studies in computer programming. Languages in current use include C, C++, Perl, and Java, across a range of operating systems.

Prospective students are strongly encouraged to contact the group leader, Chris Schmandt () to discuss their qualifications personally.

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