My ring is the gateway to my system. It is the key I use to determine my level of accessibility. I turn the segments of the ring to align in specific ways to let my system know how to behave. It is also a subtle and powerful way for me to let others know my level of interest in what they are telling me. I can overtly play with the ring to change its settings and signal a quick end to a tedious meeting, or quietly use my thumb to orient the controls to have me "interrupted".

There are also other accessories (or interfaces) that I can use with my system. I have a small device, made out of wood, dedicated only for communicating with my wife. I just open it and have a direct channel to her. Though we can speak with one another, we generally use it to exchange messages. I can say something to the device and I know that whenever she opens hers, she will hear my message. The intimacy of the device gives our communication a special feel, a connection that goes beyond telephone calls from hotel rooms.