Research Projects
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Current Research
Representing the user's communicative intentions non-verbally in embodied, animated avatars for graphical online societites.
Animal Blocks
Blocks that walk to the book to make a connection between children's oral storytelling play and literacy activities.
A toolkit for animators that automatically inserts gesture and facial expression into character dialogue or monologue scripts.
DollTalk and Zia
Zia, a 6 years old Alien, helps children explore in a personal and experiential way the different kinds of language that go into stories - descriptions of events dialogue and so forth.
MACK a guide that helps visitors to the Media Lab learn about what we do.
A Real Estate Agent embodies the gesture, gaze, speech, and intonational interaction capabilities of a new generation of conversational humanoids.
Relational Agents
Relational Agents are computer agents which are explicitly designed to establish social relationships with their users. Preliminary work has focused on the use of small talk by a relational agent in order to build trust with users.
An embodied conversational storyteller for children. The character and the child share a castle play space and a set of story-evoking toys which can magically exist in both participants' worlds.
Past Projects
Animated Conversation
Integrating gesture, speech, and facial expression in autonomous animated agents.
A two-person interlaced keyboard, embedded in a table, that enables digital communcation in a local area and encourages interaction across the table.
Eddie Edit
A conversational computer character to help children write stories.
Humanoid agents that can communicate with people multimodally, using speech, gesture, and facial expression.
GrandChair uses an attentive embodied agent listener and a comfortable environment to elicit and save grandparents' reminiscences.
Junior Summit
Evaluating how children's experience with an on-line forum and summit in Cambridge affects their social networks, sense of their own agency, and attitudes towards new techologies.
Literary Salon
A real space, computationally enhanced for communication between those present.
The Reflectory
The Reflectory is a storytelling and literacy learning interface for children. Its goal is to provide an environment in which children generate their own educational content by sharing personal written stories with a peer.
A system that allows children around the world to colaboratively tell a story in real time.
Toys which serve as place holders for children's stories.
Sage Storytellers
An authoring environment allowing children to create interactive storytellers, embodied in stuffed animals, to talk with and listen to.
SABIO is an online storytelling environment that encourages children to experiment with all three roles of a story enthusiast: the storyteller, the story editor and the story listener. A Spanish version of WISE.
A soft smart mat offers a play space that records and recalls children's fantasy and collaborative storytelling.
TellTale is a story construction kit whose goal is to help young children create and experiment with the structure and content of personal narratives.
Victorian Laptop
A writing desk that connects the travelling user to writings from the past.
The Web Interactive Storyteller Environment gives children the chance to interact with computerized storytelling characters - and to build their own storytellers - on the Web.
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