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M. Resnick, A. Pentland

Health Special Interest Group

J. Paradiso, R. Picard,
S. Manalis, A. Pentland

unWired, Unwiring the World

Design / Operational Overarching Themes:

  1. Although capacity to handle all applications of information technology must be incorporated in the "center" as of its deployment, actual use of the applications will start by providing only basic capabilities. As people grow their uses and habits, and as the community organizes itself around the "center", other applications will be brought on line.

  2. There must be "buy-in" on the part of local leadership. The "center" must be seen as something that enhances opportunities in the community, and provides value-added opportunities for those people already working in health, education, and communications. It must not be seen as a threat.

J.M. Figueres, A. Cruz,
J. Barrios, A. Pentland

Practical Plan
Central Themes
Physical Structure

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