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MIThril, the next generation research platform for context aware wearable computing.

MIThril is a next-generation wearables research platform developed by researchers at the MIT Media Lab. The goal of the MIThril project is the development and prototyping of new techniques of human-computer interaction for body-worn applications. Through the application of human factors, machine learning, hardware engineering, and software engineering, the MIThril team is constructing a new kind of computing environment and developing prototype applications for health, communications, and just-in-time information delivery.

The MIThril hardware platform combines body-worn computation, sensing, and networking in a clothing-integrated design. The MIThril software platform is a combination of user interface elements and machine learning tools built on the Linux operating system.

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October 2003
  • ISWC 2003 was a great success -- MIT had a strong showing, and the overall quality of the program was quite good. The Memory Glasses paper has gotten a lot of attention, which you can download here. We are now in the process of doing some long-overdue updates to the web site, so please be patient.

  • The main MIThril web site is still woefully out of date, but we have a new publication out that covers some recent developments: MIThril 2003: Applications and Architecture, published in ISWC 2003

  • Most new information is now in our borglab wiki, including newer hardware documentation, and our MIThril 2003 work that focuses on the Sharp Zaurus.

  • What was previously called the MIThril Inference Engine has now been renamed the MIThril
    Real-Time Contxt Engine
    , and considerable work is ongoing in its development
  • The Squirt 2 (crystal tag) document package is available from the MIThril hardware page.

  • The USB-enabled (USB 1.1) MIThril junction document package is available from the MIThril hardware page.

  • A substantial amount of high-level documentation has been added to our CVS repository, which should make it considerably more useful.

  • The MIThril wiki has lots of new material, especially on the MIThril Construction topic.