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MIThril, a borglab production. Richard W. DeVaul, Jonathan Gips, Michael Sung, Sandy Pentland
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The first MIThril 1000 (the soon-to-be-published design) displayed on a mannequin with accompanying diagram. Note that this system is ordinary packaged in a black button-down-the-front shirt which completely conceals the equipment, making the wearable all but invisible except for the head mounted display and Twiddler. The device labeled "BSEV" core is the Brightstar ipEngine1 with body-bus/video driver board. The unlabeled device directly above is the three-axis accelerometer.

Rich wearing his MIThril 1000. This is exactly the same system and configuration shown above, but zipped into a black shirt liner. This image is a little dark; I will try to tweak the contrast to make it more visible.

limor wearing the first MIThril vest detail showing Brightstar and IR active tag receiver.
Limor wearing the first MIThril vest. This demo vest displays the MIThril components and placement on the body. The "working" MIThril vest packaging will conceal the components, as shown in the MIThril title image. A detail of the first picture showing the IR active tag reader on the left, the MicroOptical clip-on display on the glasses, and the CerfBoard StrongARM file-server.
Squirt Board IR Active Tag One of the "Squirt" IR Active Tags used to tag objects, locations, and people. The IR Tag reader's detectors attached to the MicroOptical display can detect tags above and in front of the wearer at a distance of up to 10m. The tag is about the size of a quarter and runs for over a week on a single watch battery.