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Wearables Home Page

Welcome to the MIThril IAP web page. On this page we provide links to information, slides, and lectures associated with our IAP events. We've had great success with our IAP activities over the last couple of years and look forward to your participation in the borglab IAP activities of 2003.

Hackfest 2003

Welcome to the all-new Hackfest 2003. This year we are combining the Sharp Zaurus with custom microcontroller-based sensors to make a friendlier, more capable hackfest platform. No digital electronics or microcontroller experience is required this year, and we have full wifi capabilities to play with, as well as a full Linux development environment.

The class schedule, projects and other information will be documented on our Hackfest 2003 wiki page.

Hackfest 2002

Welcome to Hackfest 2002. Through these links you will find information about the class and projects. More information will be added as the class progresses.

Hackfest provides an opportunity for students to work in a real research environment developing novel wearable applications based on body-worn microncontrlers, sensors, and interaction devices.

Goals and Requirements

The Hackfest class is intended as a loosely structured, project-oriented hands-on hacking experience for motivated undergraduate and gradutate students. Students are expected to bring some knowledge of programming and basic digital electronics knowledge to the class, but no prior experience with hardware design, signals and systems, or microcontroler programming is required.

We provide access to hardware, lab space, and knowledgable guides - "Cyborg Buddies" - who will help students develop their applications. Students bring their motivation and good ideas. By the end of the class, the students will have taken an application idea from brainstorming through hardware and softrware development to documented, finished prototype. More importantly, they will have gained valuable research and design experience.

Class Schedule

Class has "official" meeting times Mondays and Tuesadays, Jan 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, 28, 3:00-5:00pm. Monday meetings are manditory, and it is expected that students will also attend most Tuesday work meetings and schedule additional time in the borglab to develop their projects. Final projects will be presented on Monday the 28th of January.

IAP 2001

We had a great time with the second annual "I wanna be a Cyborg" introductory wearable computing class, which included a short series of web-based presentations. Here are topics we covered: