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Optogenetic Toolkit Goes Multicolor

New light-sensitive proteins allow scientists to study how multiple sets of neurons interact with each other.

Neri Oxman Awarded Vilcek Prize for Design


Marvin Minsky honored for lifetime achievements in artificial intelligence


MIT Launches New Center for Mobile Learning

Receives Initial Funding from Google Education

The MIT Media Lab today announced the creation of the MIT Center for Mobile Learning, dedicated to transforming education and learning through innovation in mobile computing. The Center's formation is seeded by a gift from Google Education.  more ›

Technology visionary, entrepreneur and Internet freedom advocate Joichi Ito named director of the MIT Media Lab


When the playroom is the computer

A block-shaped robot that seems to roll onto a computer screen is part of an educational-media system that gets kids out of their chairs.

Illuminating research

MIT study finds potential for significant energy savings through user-controlled efficient lighting systems.

MIT team develops system for continuous medical monitoring

New system uses widely available, inexpensive video technology

Simple, Cheap, Portable Device Could Provide Quick Eye Tests for the Developing World

Cell phone-based eye-test system could help millions

MIT Media Lab Unveils 'Surround Vision'

New system would let TV programs spill off the screen and into the living room