Ripley: A Conversational Helping Hand

We have constructed a 7 degree-of-freedom robot, Ripley, to investigate connections between natural language semantics, perception, and action. Our goal is to enable Ripley to perform collaborative manipulation tasks mediated by natural spoken dialogue. Key issues include representation and learning of spatial language, object and temporal reference, and physical actions / verbs. Furthermore, a "Grounded Situation Model" representation has been designed for Ripley, as well as associated processes, and a cognitive architecture was implemented through numerous intercommunicating modules. 

Ripley has been designed to support interactive learning from a human teacher. Ripley's "mouth" enables manipulation of mid-sized objects. The robot is sensor-rich, including senses of touch, stereo color vision, stereo audition, gravity, and proprioception. Based on series elastic actuators, each joint includes both absolute position and force sensors. As a result, Ripley can be physically manipulated while it is active, enabling natural hands-on training of motor skills.


Video clips

Ripley imagines and remembers [high resolution (12M) | low resolution (440K)]

Ripley tracks faces [high resolution (6M) | low resolution (280K)]

Ripley grasping objects [high resolution (201M) | low resolution (23M)]

Ripley changing perspectives [.mov, 17M)]

Training HMM model to pick up [.mov, 844K)]

HMM model generating pick up [.mov, 791K)]


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