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Colloquium Series Schedule, 1993-1998

The MIT Media Lab has hosted a number speakers over the years:

Date Speaker Host Title (If Known)
FALL 1993
10-13 Horacio Reggini Marvin Minsky
10-20 Eric Drexler Marvin Minsky
11-10 Andy diSessa Mitch Resnick
11-17 Wendy MacKay Glorianna Davenport
12-01 Doreen Nelson Mitch Resnick
12-08 Alex Waibel Sandy Pentland
12-15 Andy Van Dam Muriel Cooper
02-02 Paul Resnick Mitch Resnick
02-09 Paolo Pignatelli Marvin Minsky
02-16 Norm Margolus Neil Gershenfeld
02-23 Danny Edelson Mitch Resnick
03-02 Paul Sajda Ted Adelson
03-09 Karl H. Hoehne Neil Gershenfeld
03-16 Joe Chung Neil Gershenfeld
03-30 Peter Cariani Neil Gershenfeld
04-06 George Lakoff - cancelled Muriel Cooper
04-13 Joan Logue Tom Machover
04-20 Jose Azel Glorianna Davenport
04-27 Miller Puckette Tod Machover
05-04 Bill Lorensen Steve Benton
05-11 Sharon Daniel Tod Machover
FALL 1994
09-28 Ben Wittner Neil Gershenfeld
10-05 Vernor Vinge Marvin Minsky
10-12 Amory Lovins Mike Hawley
10-19 Peter Menzel Mike Hawley
10-26 Paul Horowitz Neil Gershenfeld
11-09 Joe Bates Pattie Maes
11-16 James Boyk Mike Hawley
11-23 Andy Fraser Neil Gershenfeld
11-30 Dan Weld Ken Haase
12-07 Ryzsard Michalski Ken Haase
12-14 Richard Cytowic Roz Picard
02-15 Byron Reeves Mitch Resnick
02-22 Takeo Kanade Sandy Pentland
03-01 Mitch Kapor Mike Hawley
03-08 Phil Morrison Neil Gershenfeld
03-15 Eric Drexler Marvin Minsky
03-22 Bob Moog Neil Gershenfeld
04-05 Brad de Graf Pattie Maes
04-12 Marc Hauser Judith Donath
04-19 Whitman Richards Steve Benton
04-26 Phil Alvelda Neil Gershenfeld
05-03 Scott McCloud Pattie Maes
05-10 Dave Barrett Neil Gershenfeld
FALL 1995
09-06 David Durlach Roz Picard
09-14 Ken Perlin Pattie Maes
09-20 Oliver Strimpel Mike Hawley
09-27 Emilio Bizzi Irfan Essa
10-04 Bill Mitchell Terri Ehling
10-18 Tony Dove Glorianna Devenport
10-25 Marilyn Walker Justine Cassell
11-01 Ruzena Bajcsy Sandy Pentland
11-08 Morton Subotnik Tod Machover
11-15 Smadar Kedar Henry Lieberman
11-22 Andreas Weigend Neil Gershenfeld
11-29 Steve Whittaker Justine Cassell
12-06 Chris Janney Glorianna Davenport
12-13 Dan Simon Neil Gershenfeld
02-07 Steve Feiner Pattie Maes Seeing on Top of the World
02-14 Roger Brockett Joe Paradiso Pattern Generation and its Role in Control and Communication
02-28 Keith Stenning Justine Cassell What the Visualiser Saw: Insights from Logic-Learning and from Browsing Hyperspace
03-06 Tim Garrand Glorianna Davenport The Challenge of Writing for Interactive Multimedia
03-13 Huge Harry Justine Cassell Towards a Digital Computer with Human Face
03-20 Elliot Soloway Mitchel Resnick Learner-Centered Design
04-04 Phil Agre Ken Haase Computer Networking and Collective Cognition
04-10 Susan Brennan Janet Cahn
04-17 Steen Rasmussen Neil Gershenfeld Engineering Based on Self-Organization
04-24 Alex Repenning Mitchel Resnick Tactile Programming: A Unified Program Manipulation Paradigm Supporting Comprehension, Composition, and Sharing
05-01 Bruce Tognazzini Pattie Maes Swept Away: Computer Design in an Era of Accelerating Social and Technological Change
FALL 1996
09-11 James Randi Neil Gershenfeld In Pursuit of the Chimera
09-18 Rolf Gehlhaar Tod Machover Collaborative Instruments and Interactivity in Music
09-25 Bob Eggleston Neil Gershenfeld New Approaches For The Design Of Natural User Interface
10-02 Amy Jo Kim Amy Bruckman Ritual Reality: Social Engineering in Cyberspace
10-09 Alan Borning Henry Lieberman Constraints for Interactive Graphics
10-17 Howard Poizner Thad Starner What You Need to Know About Sign Language and Gesture
10-23 Ken Goldberg Judith Donath Telerobotics Via the World Wide Web
11-06 Aaron Sloman Roz Picard Architectures for Emotion
11-13 David Kurlander Justine Cassell Comic Chat
11-20 Kim Binsted Justine Cassell Machine Humor
12-04 Don Eyles Joe Paradiso Apollo 11 and Other Screw-Ups: Flight Software for the Manned Space Program
12-11 Brother Blue Glorianna Davenport Storytelling to Change the World
02-05 Robert Pinsky Nicholas Montfort A Poet's View of Interaction
02-12 Alan Baratz Nicholas Negroponte Java: A Software Revolution
02-19 Emergency Broadcast Network Maggie Orth Culture and the Disconnected Image: Distortions, Abstractions, and Radical
02-26 Stephanie Forrest Patties Maes Computer Immunology
03-05 Dimitri Metaxas Sandy Pentland Physics-Based Modeling Techniques for Computer Vision, Graphics, and Medical Imaging
03-12 Pavel Curtis Amy Bruckman The Internet as a Populated Place
03-19 Robert Krauss and Lois Putnam Justine Cassell Feeling Inside and Out: Emotion from a Social Psychological and Psychophysiological Perspective
04-02 Felice Frankel Glorianna Davenport On the Surface of Things: Images in Science
04-09 Mary Furlong Amy Bruckman Creating Online Communities
04-16 Doug Carlston Mitchel Resnick How the Internet is Transforming the Software Business
04-23 Marks & Gershenfeld Neil Gershenfeld Serious Fun
05-07 Robert Seyfarth Andy Lippman The Origin of Words in the Minds of Monkeys
05-14 Ricki-Goldman Segall Glorianna Davenport Caught in the Web?: Knowledge Re/Construction, Ethnographic Entanglements, and Other Mishigas
FALL 1997
09-17 Christopher Hales Glorianna Davenport
10-01 Mark Tilden Nelson Minar
10-08 Barbara Hayes-Roth Justine Cassell
10-22 Paola Antonelli John Maeda
10-29 Jim Gemmell Bruce Blumberg
11-05 Gustav Deutsch Glorianna Davenport
11-12 Allen Gorin Deb Roy
12-03 Tom Porter Bruce Blumberg
02-04 Paul Rankin Pattie Maes
02-11 Keith Oatley Roz Picard
02-18 Batya Friedman Jonathan Klein
02-25 Bill Buxton Bruce Blumberg
03-04 James Gould Bruce Blumberg
03-11 Roy Pea Mitchel Resnick
03-18 Jules Engel Bill Tomlinson
04-01 Don Norman Hiroshi Ishii
04-08 Ben Sheiderman Hiroshi Ishii
04-15 Bob Sabiston John Maeda
04-22 Jean Claude Risset Barry Vercoe
04-29 Paul Brainerd Bruce Blumberg
05-13 Bill Durham Mike Best

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