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Colloquium Series Schedule, Fall 1999

Date Speaker Title
09-22 Terrence Sejnowski Is the Cerebral Cortex a Time Machine?
09-29 Martin Schmidt Silicon MEMS and Microturbomachinery
10-06 Irene Pepperberg In Search of King Solomon's Ring: Researching the Cognitive and Communicative Abilities of Grey Parrots.
10-13 Rachel Strickland Why Anyone Can Need to Look Out of the Window
10-27 Durrell Bishop A designer who has enjoyed experimenting
11-02 Antonio Damasio The Neurobiology of Emotion
Note: Special Tuesday Colloquium
11-08 Calvin F. Quate The Micromechanical Cantilever: A Tool for Studying the Domain of Nanoscale Structures
Note: Special Monday Colloquium.
11-15 Peter Wagner Silicon proteomics: From protein biophysics to protein biochips
Note: Special Monday Colloquium at 7:30pm.
11-17 Ellen Lupton Fluid Mechanics: Typography as Liquid Form
12-01 Aaron Betsky Architecture Must Burn
12-08 Eric Lander Human Genetics and Genomics: Laying the Foundation for Biomedicine in the 21st Century

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