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Colloquium Series Schedule, Spring 2000

Date Speaker Title
02-02 John D. Mayer Emotional Intelligence and Personality
02-09 Morton Subotnick Caipirinha Music, and Early Modulations present electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick
03-01 Alan Huang Scalable, Fault Tolerant Routers Optimized for Voice and Video
03-08 Paul Dourish Towards a Foundational Framework for Embodied Interaction
03-15 Leo Hourvitz Animated Filmmaking at Pixar
04-05 Rebecca Allen Art as Research
04-12 H. Shrikumar Pervasive Networking : Challenges in "Wiring" Billions of Nodes
04-14 Carlo Rubbia A New Approach to Nuclear Space Propulsion
Note: Special Friday Colloquium at 5:00pm.
04-19 Isaac Chuang Quantum Information: Computation at the Atomic Scale
05-03 Joachim Sauter Interactive Information-Architecture
05-10 Alice Isen Be of good cheer: Positive affect facilitates problem solving.
Note: Special early Colloquium begins at 4:00pm.
05-12 Michael D. Gershon The Second Brain
Note: Special Friday Colloquium at 3:00pm

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