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Colloquium Series Schedule, Spring 2001

Date Speaker Title
01-31 Daniel Carlin
Founder and President, WorldClinic
Medicine In The Digital Age: The Next Iteration
02-07 Robert St. Amant
Asst. Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, North Carolina State University
Ibots, PUM's and Other Inhabitants of the User Interface
02-14 Shuguang Zhang
Assoc. Director, Center for Biomedical Engineering, MIT
Emerging Nanomaterials through Molecular Self-assembly
02-21 W. Bradford Paley
Founder, Digital Image Design Incorporated
Delivering Concrete Data to MoMA and the New York Stock Exchange: Perceptually/Cognitively Informed Information Design
02-28 William A. Woods
Principal Scientist and Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Conceptual Indexing: Practical Large Scale AI for Efficient Information Access
03-07 John Canny
Professor of Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley
Human-Centered Computing: A View from the West
03-14 Andy Van Dam
Professor of Computer Science, Brown University
Immersive VR for Scientific Visualization: A Progress Report
03-21 Maribeth Back
Design Researcher and Audio Engineer, Xerox PARC
Reinventing the Book: Experiments in the Future of Reading
03-28 Rich Gold
Manager, Research in Experimental Documents Laboratory, Xerox PARC
The Plenitude
04-04 Kristin Lucas
Artist, Dia Center for the Arts
There Were Many Problems With The Conference Room
04-11 William J. Clancey
Chief Scientist for Human-Centered Computing, Ames Research Center (On leave from The Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, University of West Florida)
Mars on Earth: How Shall We Use the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station to Prepare for Mars Surface Operations?
04-18 Mark Stefik
Research Fellow and Manager of Information Sciences and Technologies Laboratory, Xerox PARC
Voices of Innovation
04-25 Genevieve Bell
Design Ethnographer, Intel Architecture Labs
What are the Asia Takeaways: Making Sense of the Rest of the World for an Industry Audience
05-02 Symposium on Scientific Research and the History of RF
05-03 Hong Tan
Haptic Interface Research Laboratory, Purdue University
A Chair-based Haptic System
Note: Special Thursday Colloquium
05-09 Jack Dennerlein
Assistant Professor of Ergonomics and Safety, School of Public Health, Harvard University
Ergonomics of a Force-Feedback Office Computer Mouse
05-16 Dennis Roberson
Chief Technical Officer, Motorola, Inc.
Future Wireless Communication and Commerce
05-23 Victoria Bellotti
Computer Science Laboratory, Xerox PARC
The Good, the Bad and the Very, Very Ugly
05-30 Elizabeth Churchill
FX Palo Alto Laboratory Inc.
Designing Lightweight Collaboration Technologies: From Fieldwork to Prototype

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