Postdoctoral Associate, Conformable Decoders

by Helene B. Kelsey

April 19, 2018


Job Description

The Conformable Decoders research group focuses on the fabrication of mechanically adaptive, piezoelectric micro-/nano- systems where all the activities are performed in the cleanroom facility. The group seeks to advance flexible/stretchable, piezoelectric sensors and actuators technologies that promise to be used on any curvy regions of animal/human body.


The postdoctorate associate will:

  • Conduct research to design, develop, and implement novel piezoelectric based sensor, actuators and ultrasound transducers for biomedical applications;
  • Apply signal processing principles for ultrasonic wave propagation to demonstrate imaging applications;
  • Work in the cleanroom to fabricate ultrasound devices and perform electrical, mechanical, and acoustical characterization;
  •  Communicate results to the scientific community through publications in peer-reviewed academic publications and scholarly dissemination as directed by the P.I.;
  •   Develop proposals for research funding;
  • Engage in wider research and scholarly activities with the research group.

Initial appointment will be for one year, with the possibility of extension based on funding and the direction of the research.



  • PhD in materials science, physics, electrical/electronic engineering, biomedical engineering or in relevant field;
  • Experience with ultrasound transducers development, characterization, and applications;
  •  Experience in mathematical modeling, signal processing, and simulation methods of ultrasound pulse-echo systems; 
  • Ability to contribute in a multidisciplinary group of students and researchers;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work in a highly collaborative team environment;
  • Ability to work independently, also work well as part of a team, good interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Excellent writing skills;


  • Experience with microfabrication lab protocols such as chemical etching, dry etching, insulator depositions, photolithography, generation of polymer templates, defining polymer molds, generation of lithography masks;
  • Experience in ultrasound hardware system design.

To apply, go to and search for job#15940.

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