About the Lab
Funding and Support

Andy Ryan

The Media Lab is supported by more than 80 members, including some of the world’s leading organizations. Our members provide the majority of the Lab’s approximately $75 million annual operating budget, and their businesses range from electronics to entertainment, fashion to health care, and toys to telecommunications. We conduct research in a highly collaborative and antidisciplinary environment. 

Many of the technologies and applications conceived at the Lab are tested and refined through experiments at MIT and in the field, in cooperation with our member organizations. Unlike other laboratories at MIT, the Media Lab comprises both a broad research agenda and a degree-granting Program in Media Arts and Sciences. More than 30 faculty and senior researchers lead the Lab’s research program, working with over 175 research staff members, visiting scientists, postdoctoral researchers, and lecturers. Some 100 other staff members support the Lab’s research, facilities, and administration. 

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