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Press Visits and Inquiries


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Press Inquiries and Visits

The Media Lab works with national and international media (print, broadcast, and online news organizations) to present Media Lab research and programs to the public. We also:

  • help facilitate interviews and meetings between members of the press and the research groups within the Lab.
  • get information to the public through direct contact with media, as well as through press releases, press alerts, conferences, and events.
  • handle requests for information from the media regarding the Lab's researchers, and its research programs.

The Lab's Communications group will help faculty and students describe and present their work to the press and public for ideal reach and impact.

Press Visits

Requests from members of the press to visit any part of the Lab should be directed to the Lab's Communications group at press@media.mit.edu.

Requests for photo or video shoots throughout the Lab should also be directed to press@media.mit.edu.

Filming at MIT is by permission only. Filming at the Media Lab can take place during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, with advance clearance from the Media Lab's communications office. Signed MIT release forms are typically required before filming begins. MIT and Media Lab researchers are only authorized to sign MIT filming release forms, not the forms of production companies, networks, or organizations.

To ensure that press visits are minimally disruptive to the other researchers, a member of the Communications group will typically accompany interviewers to their destination in the Lab. In the case of photo shoots, a staff member will escort the crew throughout the visit; this helps to protect the intellectual property of the other research groups within the Lab, as well as minimize disruption.

Obtaining Images

All requests for slides, digital photos, or videos should be directed to press@media.mit.edu.


Communications Group

Updates for press + media

Interested in being kept up to date on news from the Lab? Members of the press and media, please complete this form and we'll add you to a low-traffic list for updates. Please note: this list is for members of the press and media only. If you need to reach a member of the Communications team directly, please email press@media.mit.edu.

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