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Blaga Ditrow / Zero Gravity Corporation / MIT Space Exploration Initiative

Let's tell the stories of the MIT Media Lab's transformative innovation + creativity—where technology empowers everyone to thrive.

Welcome to the MIT Media Lab's press page. Our researchers explore a broad and interdisciplinary range of transformational future technologies related to fields like AI in healthcare, sustainability and climate, future cities, space, data and privacy, etc. We can provide subject matter expertise in critical areas affecting society and the planet, as well as visual materials and peer reviewed research findings.

What we can provide to you

  • Contact with experts in a variety of fields/research areas
  • Digital assets
    • Video/recordings (based on request: B-roll, raw footage, and edited video) 
    • Images/photography 
    • Graphics
    • Slides
  • Facilitation of interview opportunities
    • via email;
    • via in-person visits to the Media Lab;
    • via broadcast-quality audio and video recordings;
    • via conferences
  • Attendance at select Media Lab events

Current research topics 

Media Lab researchers are conducting work related to many current-day issues; while the work happening at the Media Lab is purely academic, our alumni have the exciting opportunity to launch their research into startups and other industry outlets—applying their research to real-world problems after graduating from MIT.

In the meantime, while our researchers are working and studying at the Media Lab, they can offer insights on certain subject areas based on their research. Below is a partial list of subject areas / research topics that our community members can address:  

  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Creativity
  • Data + privacy
  • Election season topics (misinformation, social media, deepfakes, etc.)
  • Health + wellness
  • Public health + policy 
  • Sustainability + climate change 
  • Wearables

You can also explore the Media Lab's five research themes and recent awards and recognitions. If you would like to speak to a Media Lab researcher on these topics or others, please contact the Media Lab Communications team at press@media.mit.edu

Press visits

Requests from members of the press/media to visit any part of the Lab should be directed to the Lab's Communications group at press@media.mit.edu.

Requests for photo or video shoots throughout the Lab should be directed to press@media.mit.edu.

Requests for slides, digital photos, or videos should be directed to press@media.mit.edu.

Filming at MIT is by permission only. Filming at the Media Lab can take place during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, with advance clearance from the Media Lab's communications office. Signed MIT release forms and insurance verification are typically required before filming begins. MIT and Media Lab researchers are only authorized to sign MIT filming release forms, not the individual forms of production companies, networks, or organizations.

To ensure that press visits are minimally disruptive to the other researchers, a member of the Communications group will typically accompany interviewers to their destination in the Lab. In the case of photo shoots, a staff member will escort the crew throughout the visit; this helps to protect the intellectual property of the other research groups within the Lab, as well as minimize disruption.

Contact + press list opt-in

Email the Media Lab Communications group at press@media.mit.edu and follow us on social media—our daily social media posts are a great way to stay up-to-date with what's going on at the Lab! 

Our active social media handles are:

  • Twitter/X: @medialab
  • Facebook: @mitmedialab
  • LinkedIn: @mit-media-lab
  • Instagram (and Threads): @mitmedialab 

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