Research Specialist, Camera Culture

by Kelley Shepard

April 25, 2017


Job Description

MIT Media Lab requires a research specialist to lead and develop various bioinformatics and Deep Neural Networks (DNNs)-based emergent architectures for classifying biomedical datasets resulting from clinical trials, animal models and cell culture experiments. This position will work closely with Dr. Pratik Shah, pharmaceutical companies, and research staff in the Camera Culture group. The group conducts multidisciplinary research in modern optics, sensors, illumination, actuators, probes, deep learning, and software processing.

The research objective for this position is to create cutting-edge algorithms for development of next-generation automated clinical software platforms using computer vision, bioinformatics and deep learning.

This appointment is for one year with the possibility of extension based on funding and research priorities.


Projects involve structuring clinical notes, genetic sequencing, RNA expression, protein and metabolomics datasets using bioinformatics tools to develop machine learning and DNN classifiers to discover novel cross correlations between drug candidates and patient outcomes linked to clinical trial results. Additional publically available and past datasets may also need to be included in the classifiers to improve performance. The ideal candidate should have experience and expertise in utilizing existing bioinformatics techniques to process multimodal clinical datasets. Experience in using machine-learning classifiers and DNN’s is a plus and willingness to learn advanced deep learning approaches is expected.

The research specialist will also participate in diverse group activities as required and indicated by the supervisor. Such activities include group meetings, support to other group members, PhD students and undergraduate researchers.

Other duties as needed or required.


● BS or MS degree in statistics, computer science, bioinformatics, computational biology or equivalent combination of education and experience.

● At least three years of experience within the bioinformatics and data science field.

● Expertise in predictive analytics/statistical modeling/data mining algorithms.

● Excellent data analysis skills, including development of novel/custom algorithms for interpretation of next-generation sequencing and gene, protein and metabolic expression data.

● High knowledge of public biological databases, tools, and repositories.

● Experience in machine learning methodologies such as regression/classification, unsupervised/supervised/semi-supervised learning, ensemble methods, and deep learning.

● Professional experience writing software in Python, Java, or C++, preferably within a team environment (revision control, issue tracking, code-review)

● Strong knowledge of Linux and high performance computing environments.

Desired Skills:

● Demonstrated knowledge with cloud-infrastructures and configuration management tools (e.g. AWS, Ansible)

● Experience in pathway analysis and network medicine of human and bacterial genomes.

● Experience publishing articles in peer-reviewed publications.

● Expertise in preparing data for use with machine learning methods and neural networks, including database design and data management.

Those who are interested should submit a resume and cover letter referencing job no. 14707 at; keyword is "Media Lab".

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