Senior Research Support Associate

by Kelley Shepard

April 25, 2017


Job Description

MIT Media Lab requires a Senior Research Support Associate to develop artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and understand the mechanisms used by new emergent Deep Neural Network (DNNs) architectures that perform complex classification tasks with minimal training data. You will work in a dynamic team to create next-generation algorithms for applications of DNNs in clinical medicine and biological research. The candidate will work closely with Dr. Pratik Shah, academic collaborators at MIT and research staff in the Camera Culture Group. The group conducts multidisciplinary research in modern optics, sensors, illumination, actuators, probes, deep learning and software processing.

This appointment is for one year with the possibility of extension based on funding and research priorities.


Will conceptualize and build tools for visualizing and classifying high dimensional data; play a critical role in developing software tools with applications in data annotation, visualization, machine learning, and health diagnostics using languages such as C++ and Python and leveraging existing libraries such as OpenCV, Theano, Caffe, and TensorFlow.

The Senior Research Support Associate will also participate in diverse group activities as required and indicated by the supervisor. Such activities include group meetings, support to other group mates, PhD students and undergraduate researchers.

Other duties as needed or required.


● B.S. in computer science or related field;

● Experience developing software using C++, Java, Python;

● Machine learning experience using MATLAB/R/Python (Scipy, Numpy Scikit Learn)/C++; familiarity with data processing techniques for different data types (text/images/videos/time series data, etc.) for use with supervised and unsupervised learning models and algorithms;

● Experience constructing and using neural networks for novel tasks;

● Data analytics experience using MATLAB/R/Python and familiarity with storage, processing, and visualization techniques;

● Android app development experience including familiarity with using local database and filesystem for storage, retrieving, and sending objects to web services using Bluetooth/WiFi/ other network channels of the device and using in-app device camera for capturing and processing images and videos.

● Web development experience including: frontend - HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery/AngularJS/React/similar framework; backend - Python/NodeJS, Django/Express/Sails or any other MVC framework; database - MySql/MongoDb/any other traditional database; and familiarity with building UIs, creating web services, APIs, and working with databases and file system; expertise in statistics and probability; experience using Linux and version control.

Those who are interested should submit a resume and cover letter referencing job no. 14706 at; keyword is "Media Lab".

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