Culture's Founding Story: An Interview with CEO Will Patrick

One year after launching the company, Culture Biosciences’ co-founder and CEO, Will Patrick, discusses his, and Culture’s, journey. 

Max: It’s been quite the exciting year for Culture! What are some of the biggest accomplishments since the launch? 

Will: It is really amazing to reflect on just how much we’ve achieved in one year. First and foremost, I’m so proud of, and grateful for, the incredible people that make it all possible. One of my primary goals in starting a company was to do important and interesting work with great people, and our “culture at Culture” has made that dream a reality.  

In terms of our accomplishments, we grew in the past year from 18 to over 100 bioreactors. We built our own custom off-gas sensors and installed them on every reactor. We have grown from 5 to over 30 customers, ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies. On the software side, we have given our customers the ability to monitor their work with us in real-time on our website, and to dynamically graph and analyze their data for easier insight generation. We have successfully run cell culture bioprocesses with CHO cell lines, and started to work with microaerobic fermentation processes as well. The best part is that we’re only just getting started. 

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