Dava Newman on the Selected podcast

We're beyond thrilled to share this interview with Dava Newman, Director of the MIT Media Lab, recently recorded during VivaTech 2023 here in Paris. This conversation covers the convergence of space, technology, and society, all in the celebration of human ingenuity and creativity.

As a former NASA Deputy Administrator, Dava Newman has extensive expertise in aerospace biomedical engineering, particularly in areas such as human performance in different gravity environments, spacesuit design, and navigation aids for astronauts during spacewalks. These days, as director of the MIT Media Lab, she finds herself in an entirely different domain: a melting-pot with a multi-inter-transdisciplinary approach towards innovation, as she calls it, with one goal: to have an IMPACT.

Newmanā€™s work at the MIT Media Lab revolves around her passion for what she calls "transformative technology" at large. The excitement in her voice is contagious, as she shares her thoughts on how we can harness and integrate the power of general artificial intelligence to enhance the human experience. 

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