Informer Episode 10: Zach Lieberman

Zach Lieberman is one of the leading creative coders and digital artists in the world. And what I love about the way Zach works is that he is equally dedicated to thoughtful and open pedagogy as he is to creating poetic digital works. This wide-ranging conversation, covering everything from OpenFrameworks and Arduino to graffiti art, and even launching an alternative art school in an age of high tuitions, reveals the motivations in his continuing fascination with the human, machine dialogue that results in the creation of new worlds.

For those listeners who may not know, DOS was an operating system that was fully text-based and was marketed as being an accessible for home users to access programs and software and also opened the door to people like Zach to start to create by typing in words and then seeing them magically transform into activities on the screen. He begins by recounting one of those early experiences. Zach begins by describing one of those early, magical moments.

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