Joe Paradiso in the podcast

By Redaktion

Joe Paradiso is Professor at the MIT Media Lab in Media Arts and Sciences, and he also plays an important role in the international scene of electronic music. Much of what Joe does today started in the 1980ies as a postdoc in the department of physics at ETH Zurich. While he was researching in Zurich in the daytime, he created sounds and started to build a synthesizer (the Paradiso Synth.) at night. One of his favourite places to record audio material was the parking garage at the ETH Campus Hönggerberg. In our Podcast, he explains how his fascination for that obscure place grew, and why it is essential for scientists like him to think out of the box. We will also be listening to audio material, and stream sounds from Joe’s massive synthesizer that is sitting in his basement in Massachusetts.

Joe stopped by at the ETH Podcast-​​Studio before traveling to Davos during the World Economic Forum.

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