"Momo: a Self-Assembling Lunar Habitat" highlighted in Designboom


Momo Team

Momo Team

"Momo: a Self-Assembling Lunar Habitat," a project which developed out of a space architecture course in spring 2024, was recently highlighted in Designboom.  Including Media Labbers Kevin Dunnell and Alfonso Parra Rubio in the group that put the project together for the course,  Momo is a small, semi-permanent in situ habitat for space exploration ahead of establishing a permanent lunar base.  The Designboom article reads in part:

"The collaborative effort by MIT‘s Departments, led by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and Johnson Space Center, along with private companies like SpaceX and research institutions such as Brookhaven National Laboratory, underscores the comprehensive approach required to realize the Momo habitat. As the project progresses through key milestones, from initial requirements to full operational readiness, it will continue to incorporate advanced technologies and rigorous testing to mitigate risks and ensure mission success. The successful deployment of the Momo habitat will not only support the Artemis III mission but also establish a foundation for long-term lunar settlement, paving the way for sustained human exploration and utilization of the moon."

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