Orbiting, the new floating installation on the history of humanity

A sort of dreamlike carousel suspended in the air, with objects of all kinds that turn in a circular way forming an imaginative and surreal orbit. This is the aspect of Orbiting , the new experimental installation that artists and scientists from the CAST - Center for Art, Science and Technology of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been working on in recent weeks.

Realized thanks to the synergy between the artist and composer Thom Kubli, the computer engineer Hiroshi Ishii and the Tangible Media Group, the project—currently being implemented—presents itself as a challenge to gravity. Recalling Leonardo da Vinci's "machines of wonders," the installation presents small sculptures in the shape of satellites, works of art and architecture and everyday objects symbol of human history: all capable of "floating" in the air. A sort of modern W underkammer, in short, able to float above our heads.

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