Ufuoma Ovienmhada of MIT Media Lab Space Enabled group is using satellite data to curb the effects of invasive species in Africa


Ufuoma Ovienmhada

Ufuoma Ovienmhada

By Space in Africa

The immense benefits of space technologies cannot be overemphasised, from the use of earth observation data, satellite imagery and geospatial data to tackle real-time issues in agriculture, to the making of informed policies against  environmental degradation and natural disasters, these technologies have paved the way for groundbreaking research and analysis of problems in societies, while offering pragmatic solutions, leading to a better understanding of the ecosystem.

Space in Africa had a chat with Ufuoma Ovienmhada on this and how the use of Earth observation satellite data has helped to curb the effects of invasive species, amongst other things.

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