WraPr is a spool-based system for creating and modifying 3D objects

When you purchase a spool of thread or wire, you expect it to be relatively uniform, spun in place with automated machinery that has been developed over hundreds of years. Researchers from MIT’s Media Lab, however, have come up with what could be the next step in this type of equipment’s development. Known as “WraPr,” the system presents a novel fabrication method for creating new or augmenting existing 3D objects with soft materials.   

The device uses a pair of Arduino Uno boards to control the deposition of the thread, yarn, wire, or other string-like filament on a spool, allowing it to produce non-uniform shapes that would otherwise be impractical. Design is assisted by a RealSense D415 depth camera, enabling a user to draw these shapes freeform, trace existing items, or even make coils for electric applications.

More details on WraPr can be found in the team’s paper here

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