Sci Fab ~ Science Fiction-Inspired Envisioneering & Futurecrafting


by Daniel Novy

Jan. 13, 2020

Joost Bonsen, Lecturer
Daniel Novy, Former Research Scientist
Joseph A. Paradiso, Alexander W Dreyfoos (1954) Professor; Associate Academic Head, Program in Media Arts and Sciences
H-Level 0-12-0
Fall 2019, Mondays, 7-10PM
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Class Description and Motivation ~ In Sci Fab, we read and watch science fiction, and use the inspiration it provides to envisioneer and futurecraft something epic. First, we explore worldbuilding -- imagining science fictional universes across domains and scales. Second, we focus on exemplar artifacts that iconify those worlds, without violating the laws of physics, and iterate towards functional prototypes.

Towards these goals, we start the semester with Envisioneering which combines multiple techniques -- including critiques of classic and modern science fiction, data-science extrapolation, digital and experiential simulation, evocative design imagination, and holistic integration of select elements of a fully developed science fiction universe. In the second half of the semester we shift to Futurecrafting which combines the analysis of classic and modern science fiction with imagining and ultimately instantiating -- via physical fabrication or code-based interpretation -- at least one compelling technology and/or artifact they depict.

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