The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence


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Goshen College. Photographs. Library, 1981-82. V-4-11 Box 19 Folder 24. Mennonite Church USA Archives - Goshen. Goshen, Indiana.

Joi Ito, Director
Jonathan Zittrain, Visiting Professor
Tuesdays, 5-7pm

This course will pursue a cross-disciplinary investigation of the development and deployment of the opaque complex adaptive systems that are increasingly in public and private use.  We will explore the proliferation of algorithmic decision-making, autonomous systems, and machine learning and explanation; the search for balance between regulation and innovation; and the effects of AI on the dissemination of information, along with questions related to individual rights, discrimination, and architectures of control.

The course will meet at MIT and will entail a diverse array of learning and teaching methods, and students will be expected to participate in a variety of activities that will involve interaction with Berkman Klein Center and Media Lab fellows. 

Opening Event Part 1: Joi Ito

Opening Event Part 2: Jonathan Zittrain

Opening Event:  Panel 1

Opening Event:  Panel 2 

 Class 1: Autonomy, System Design, Agency, and Liability

Class 2:  Algorithmic Bias        

Class 3: Ownership, Control, and Access     

Class 4: Governance, Explainability, and Accountability

Class 5 : Labor, Automation, and Regulation

Class 6: Conclusion

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Jonathan Zittrain
Visiting Professor
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Joi Ito
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