/POSTPONED/ Communications Forum: Race, Gender, American Politics


Co-sponsored by the Center for Future Civic MediaIn the optimism of Obama's ascension many have seen this election and this new presidency as signs of a transformation in American attitudes to race and gender. Is such a positive story plausible? Do the country's demographic and voting trends support or complicate the perception that we've entered a post-racial society? Or a society in which gender bias is at best a residual, receding force? What role is played by the media, and in particular the emerging media enabled by digital and mobile technologies, in promoting and maintaining a new American narrative of race and gender. Speakers include Stephen Ansolabehere, Professor of Political Science at MIT; Callie Crossley, who appears weekly on Beat the Press, a media criticism program on Boston's public television station WGBH-TV; and Gabriel Lenz, Assistant Professor of Political Science at MIT.

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