Digital Solutions to Empower Citizens in the Vaccine Rollout


Priyanshi Katiyar

Priyanshi Katiyar

January 19, 2021
12:00pm — 1:30pm ET

Can a new vaccination card simplify the user vaccination journey and create data-rich monitoring of the progress in vaccination?  Vaccination coordination is facing daunting challenges. Citizens are expected to navigate an array of websites and health authorities are using disconnected health IT systems. Reporting lags by several days. Following up with vaccinated subjects to monitor side effects is difficult. The systems to monitor ineffective batches of vaccines are yet to become mature. Vaccine verifications documents are prone to fraud.

MIT and IDEO have developed a modification of today's vaccination cards to provide end-to-end encryption, vaccination tracking, and authenticated uploads to CDC systems like v-safe or VAMS. The card dramatically simplifies phased vaccinations, second dose coordination, reporting of side effects, and credentials using an accompanying off-line app. It also creates data-rich monitoring of vaccination progress while eliminating red tape, privacy-concerns, and fraud. It is ideally suited for vulnerable populations, rural areas, labor unions of essential workers, and employers helping their own employees.

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