reddit AMA with Hugh Herr

August 22, 2016




"Hello Reddit, my name is Hugh Herr! When I was 17, a fellow rock climber and I were caught in a blizzard for three days, which resulted in both my legs being amputated below the knee. Within months I was climbing again, this time upon legs which I had built. Through this experience, I developed a profound love for the design of prosthetic technology that goes beyond basic rehabilitation. Currently I am the head of the MIT Media Lab Biomechatronics Group and co-director of the Center for Extreme Bionics that will ultimately eradicate disabilities. Our current work involves the development of robotic prostheses, exoskeletons, and neural interfaces. I am also the founder of BionX, a company which ensures that bionic prostheses are made available to the public. This is an incredible time for the field of bionics. We are now developing limbs that surpass human strength and function. I'll be back at 1:00pm with two of my students (Alex Harding and Mina Fahmi) to help me answer any bionics/augmentation questions you have, Reddit. I'm excited to see what you can come up with!"

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