SIGGRAPH Asia 2020: Emerging Technologies

December 9, 2020
11:00pm ET

Wearable Sanitizer: Design And Implementation Of An Open-Source, On-Body Sanitizer

Interactive technology has been one of the most important inseparable wheels of SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia, and the Emerging Technologies program has played a vital role in driving the development of research communities to pursue technological innovations and to make a great impact on the public. Some of the accepted Emerging Technologies works will be chosen as "Emerging Technologies Prize" by the Emerging Technologies program committee members and reviewers at the event venue. The quality of work, how they are presented virtually, and how attractive attendees view the works are criteria upon which each work will be judged. The prize ceremony will take place right after the Q&A sessions.

We present an open-source, wearable sanitizer that provides just-in-time, automatic dispensing of alcohol to the wearer's hand or nearby objects using sensors and programmable cues. We systematically explore the design space for wearable sanitizer aiming to create a device that not only seamlessly integrates with the user's body.

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