Tangible Media Group Exhibit

Friday — Sunday
June 23, 2000 —
July 9, 2000


NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC) in Tokyo, Japan


The Lab’s Tangible Media group will hold its first large-scale exhibition at the NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC) in Tokyo, Japan, June 23–July 9, 2000.
The exhibit, built around 10 projects designed at the Lab over the past three years, will demonstrate the concept of “tangible bits”—an approach that gives physical form to digital information. These projects, developed by Fukutake Career Development Professor Hiroshi Ishii and his students, include “curlybot,” a toy that digitally records and reproduces physical motion; glass bottles that allow interaction with musical compositions; “urp,” a “smart” architectural model that casts digital shadows; and PingPongPlus,a digitally enhanced version of the classic Ping-Pong table. In addition, ClearBoard-1, a system developed by Ishii and his former NTT colleague Minoru Kobayashi in 1991, will also be exhibited.

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