Technodigenous: Spawning social networks and inspiring future partnerships

Nia Tero

Tuesday — Thursday
October 15, 2019 —
October 17, 2019

About the event

Technodigenous is an interactive gathering that brings together Indigenous Peoples, technologists, thinkers, artists and funders to advance the co-design and deployment of technology in Indigenous territories. It is being designed with the guidance of Indigenous leaders to ensure that it becomes a space where people gather, generate ideas and develop new partnerships, that through co-design can lead to technologies and approaches that address social and environmental challenges. 

Indigenous Peoples hold time-earned knowledge systems and place-anchored technologies that when successfully applied to sustain thriving ecosystems can address the challenges of a changing climate, and transform how we define our place in the biosphere. Despite being at the forefront of maintaining planetary health, the wisdom and experience of Indigenous Peoples is seldom integrated in the design of technology, and when it is integrated, it usually does not recognize the contributions of Indigenous Peoples. Consequently, the external deployment of technology to Indigenous territories is received with skepticism and often fails to deliver. 

It is our hope this event will:

  • Create awareness among technologists, thinkers, and funders about indigenous issues and their experiences when interacting with scientists and technologists. 
  • Create a space for dialogue about best practices for the development of technological tools co-designed between Indigenous Peoples and technologists. 
  • Identify opportunities leading to the co-design and deployment of technological applications.

Technodigenous is an exciting collaborative space that is designed to spawn social networks and inspire future partnerships that deliver on the promise of technology. During the first day, Indigenous Peoples from around the world, technologists, thinkers, artists, and funders will share different perspectives on technology co-design and deployment. Days two and three include sessions between Indigenous Peoples and technologists focused on building mutual understanding and trust that will lead to the identification of future collaboration opportunities.

If you are a technologist interested in attending the event, please fill out this questionnaire.

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