Beyond the Cradle


Space Exploration Initiative

Space Exploration Initiative

Beyond the Cradle 2022: Program

1:00pm | We are go for launch with Ariel Ekblaw and Dava Newman

1:10pm | Democratizing Access to Space with Timiebi Aganaba (Arizona State University),  Christian Maender (Axiom),  Mona Minkara (Northeastern University), Dylan Taylor (Voyager Space Holdings)

1:45pm | Zero G Lighting Talks

2:15pm | Life in Space: From Anthropocene to Anthropocosmos with Sydney Do (NASA JPL), Jaden Hastings (Cornell Weill), Ravi Kumar Kopparapu (NASA GSFC), Sunanda Sharma (NASA JPL)

2:50pm | Break

3:00pm | Space Art: Cosmic Sensation with Sarah Rosalena Brady (artist), Xin Liu (artist), Ari Melenciano (artist), Rachel Rose (artist)

3:45pm | Workshops: Human Computer Interaction for Space Exploration,  Space Architecture (to attend virtually, find the zoom link on our event page),  Space + Play

4:45pm | Break

5:00pm | Evolution of Human Spaceflight with Mike Massimino,  Scott “Kidd” Poteet, John Shoffner, Sana Sharma

5:45pm | Closing Remarks by Ariel Ekblaw