Media Lab Focus | May 2021: Extended Intelligence

MIT Media Lab / Fluid Interfaces group 

by Chikara Ishida

April 21, 2021

The Media Lab Focus series for May 2021 will include a Research Report, presentations with live Q+A, and workshops around the theme of Extended Intelligence—systems and tools of machine learning that help humans and society make better decisions.

These events are for members of the Media Lab only.  We encourage you to create a Member Portal account using your company email address via this link: All post-event materials and access to the Research Report will require you to have an active account. 

Research Report

Research Discussions 


Tuesday, May 25 @8–9am ET  OR  @1–2pm ET: Fluid Interfaces

Come learn how portable devices can support people in developing their innate abilities to make rational decisions and change their behavior to be more in line with their personal goals through two projects. Project "PAL" explores how real-time systems can intervene to support people with behavior change and formation of (better) habits. Project "Augmented Reasoner" explores whether people, supported by a real-time system for evaluating statements, make more rational judgments about the statements that they read or hear, for example, in the media, in advertisements and more. 
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Tuesday, May 25 @8–9pm ET : City Science

Cities worldwide face vast opportunities and new challenges due to current mass-urbanization trends fueled by migration and immigration, climate change, technological disruptions, inequality, affordability, and global health concerns. Join us as we explore CityScope: a human-centered, urban modeling, simulation and decision-making platform on the intersection of urban technology and social discourse.
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Tuesday, May 25 @9-10am ET : Extended Intelligence for Medicine

This workshop will provide an overview and strategic insights for  novel computational methods + a proposed process to de-risk and explain non-randomized real-world evaluation of AI technology in healthcare.
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- More workshops will be added in the coming days! 
- Most workshops consist of presentations, breakouts, and group discussions. If you plan on joining a workshop, please have your video on and join in on the conversations!