Arnav Kapur wins “Use it!” Lemelson-MIT Student Prize

Lorrie LeJeune | MIT Media Lab

Congratulations to Arnav Kapur, whose AlterEgo project was selected for the “Use it!” Lemelson-MIT Student Prize, which rewards technology-based inventions that involve consumer devices.  

At MIT News, Stephanie Martinovich of the Lemelson-MIT Program writes: "The headset-like device, AlterEgo, is a sensory and auditory feedback system that uses neuromuscular signals from the brain’s speech system to extract speech. When we talk to ourselves internally, our brain transmits electrical signals to the vocal cords and internal muscles involved in speech production. With AlterEgo, an artificial intelligence agent is able to make sense of these signals and prepare a response. The user can hear the AI agent’s responses through vibrations in the skull and inner ear, thus making the process entirely internal. The AI agent can also send the information to a computer, to help an individual with a speech disability communicate in real-time." 

The Lemelson-MIT student prize honors promising collegiate inventors around the country. Read more about AlterEgo and Arnav's journey to MIT from Lemelson-MIT.

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