Call for submissions—JoDS Issue 7: Algorithmic Rights and Protections for Children

Guest Editors:

  • Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab
  • Mimi Ito, UC Irvine Connected Learning Lab
  • Candice Odgers, UC Irvine Connected Learning Lab

Children make up a third of all Internet users, yet the complex algorithms that shape their online experiences are rarely aligned with their interests or their needs. Dependent on adults to guide and structure their online experiences and their access to media, information, and social connection, children are an especially marginalized and vulnerable population. Although it was originally hailed as a great equalizer, the Internet has increasingly become a great unequalizer; with privileged children able to reap its benefits, while vulnerable and lower-income children experience more algorithmically based injustices. We are beginning to understand how the algorithms that drive our media and technology can reinforce racism, sexism, abilism, and other forms of societal inequality and injustice, but the impact of AI and algorithms on children is largely unknown. Algorithmic justice for children is a very new concept.

Through a wide range of voices—child development experts, researchers, educators, parents, and children themselves—this special issue of the Journal of Design and Science (JoDS) will explore different facets of the emerging area of algorithmic rights for children and begin to answer the critical question: How can we build a more equitable algorithmic world for all children?

Abstract submission deadline: 11:59pm EDT on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Notification on submitted abstracts: Friday, July 12

Article submission deadline: January 10, 2020

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