Danielle Wood contributes to the design of Bermuda's National Space Plan


Danielle Wood

Danielle Wood

Walter Roban, Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs in the government of Bermuda, has unveiled the five-year Bermuda National Space Strategy created with the support of a team of local and international experts, including the head of the Space Enabled research group Danielle Wood.

"Space has never been more exciting and promising, for Bermuda and for the world," Roban told the House of Assembly. "The space industry is undergoing a revolution. Once the exclusive domain of national governments, space is increasingly accessible to private companies with capital and big ideas. Today, technology is sufficiently advanced to enable new commercial activities in space which seemed like science fiction only a short time ago...this Government continues to pursue activities related to the space industry as part of its broader effort to grow and diversify our economy."

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