Day of AI 2023: Press Round-Up




Below is a list of recent press coverage on Day of AI 2023—a program from the MIT-wide RAISE initiative, headquartered at the MIT Media Lab.

On May 18, 2023, the Day of AI event congregated a community of educators around the world to celebrate and share class projects, posters, photos, videos, and discussions using the Day of AI curriculum: a free, hands-on suite of lessons and activities designed to introduce K-12 students to artificial intelligence (AI) and how it shapes their lives. 

  • From The New York Times: "Hey, Alexa, What Should Students Learn About A.I.?"
  • From Chalkbeat: "ChatGPT caught NYC schools off guard. Now, we’re determined to embrace its potential."
  • From The Hill: "New York City rescinds ban on ChatGPT use in public schools"
  • From SBS News: "Australian youngsters get to play with artificial intelligence"
  • From The Journal: "Day of AI K–12 Curriculum Freely Available Online Anytime"
  • From EducationWeek: "‘Day of AI’ Spurs Classroom Discussions on Societal Impacts of Artificial Intelligence"
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