Event Space Restrictions

The E14/ E15 Event Schedule Coordinators do all that they can to help each event host plan a memorable event.  

However, there are some restrictions that even they cannot work around:

  • Smoking is not permitted in the event space, on the terrace, or in any building on the MIT campus. Smoking is permitted 25 feet away from the building along either Amherst Street or Ames Street.
  • There is no lockable storage for events.
  • Events must end by 10 p.m. (excluding breakdown/clean up).
  • No tables, chairs or other equipment is allowed on the glass floor.
  • Terrace use is by request only. Maximum occupancy on the terrace is 32 persons.  Neither tables nor chairs are allowed on the terrace.
  • E14-633 Dreyfoos Lecture hall must be reserved in advance for event use.
  • Taping anything to the walls within the E14/ E15 event spaces is strictly prohibited. If tape is used, and surfaces are damaged at any point during the reservation, the event's cost object will be charged for all necessary repairs. 

Prohibited Party Items

We might sound like party poopers, but believe us when we say these items are prohibited because they create more problems than they're worth:

  • helium-filled balloons
    These trip the smoke alarm system; the Cambridge Fire Department will come with sirens blazing. And yes, even the "tied-down" ones sometimes do slip away.
  • chocolate dessert fountains
    Ever see people accidentally drip melted chocolate everywhere?  The stained carpet will not bounce back easily.
  • propane cooking stoves
    This is directed at the caterer most of the time.  These are dangerous and cannot be exhausted properly in the catering kitchen.
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