Building Hours, Loading Dock, Freight Elevator, Security and Access

Building Hours

The E14/E15 complex is a research building; occupant safety is our priority.   

Normal hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm.

Building Security and Off-Hours Access

  • If the event will take place outside of normal operating hours, the event host is responsible for uploading this information to the event Itinerary  so that the doors and elevators can be properly programmed by the Event Scheduling team.
  • If off-hours building access is required, the event host is responsible for coordinating a date and time to pick up a loading dock key and an access card.  
  • The door and elevator programming is for the convenience of the event guests.  Event staff and vendor access is coordinated through the event host.  
  • E15 lobby may need access programming from MIT Office of Security Operations and MIT Custodial.
  • Please be sure doors are closed and not propped open when you leave.
  • During weekends and evening hours, only the E14/E15 event spaces are open to event guests. The other floors of the E14/E15 buildings are closed to the public and to event guests.
  • Both MIT and the Media Lab have a lost and found. 

Loading Dock

  • Access to the loading dock for event load-in / load-out must be outlined in the event Itinerary, or your vendors may not have adequate access to the loading dock.
  • Deliveries before 8:30 am or after 6:30 pm will require a loading dock key.  The event host must arrange to pick up the key, meet the delivery truck, and is responsible for locking both loading dock doors before leaving for the evening.

Freight Elevator

  • Normal hours of operation are from 8:30 am - 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  If the event requires access to the freight hours outside of these times, it must be noted in the event Itinerary so that the elevator can be properly programmed for the event.
  • All deliveries must use the E14 freight elevator, not the passenger elevators.
  • Do not prop open the elevator doors; it will cause the elevator to shut down.  You must call (617) 253-1500 to request a third-party service technician's assistance to restart.  Your cost object will be used to cover these fees.
  • Freight elevator dimensions:
    Services E14 basement through sixth floors and E15 first through fourth floors
    interior cab:  10' - 0" deep x 7' - 6" wide x 8'- 0" high
    door measurement:  5' - 0" wide x 8' - 0" high

    Services E15 lower level through fourth floors and E14 first through fourth floors
    interior cab:  5' - 0" deep x 8' - 3" wide x 9' - 0" high
    door measurement:  6' - 0" wide x 7' - 2" high

Terrace Access

  • No smoking is permitted on the terrace at any time.
  • Only Winter Garden or Silverman Skyline events may use the terrace. 
  • Permission to use the terrace must be requested 6 weeks prior to the event and noted in the event itinerary.  Final confirmation for use of the terrace is weather dependent and subject to the judgement of the event scheduling team.  
  • Terrace doors lock 30 minutes before the event ends.
  • Terrace is closed from November 15th through March 15th or during inclement weather.
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