Fall 2023 Media Arts and Sciences Course List

 Vera van de Seyp


Full MIT class schedule online at MIT Office of the Registrar

If you would like to get information about the first class meeting,  check the class website (links below) for more information. If there is no link to a class website, please contact the instructors to request the link for the first remote class.


MAS.A21 Esvelt
Choosing Problems Wisely (0 3 0)
W, 3-4pm in  E15-466  

MAS.A02 Resnick 
Designing Creative Technologies for Kids (0 3 0)        

MAS.S10 Breazeal/Ali/Abelson 
Generative Machine Learning in K-12 Education (2 0 10)
T, 1-3pm in 34-303 (meets with 6.S062 and MAS.S60)


MAS.552J Larson
City Science (3 0 9)
Not offered Fall 2023

MAS.630 Picard 
Advanced Seminar: Affective Computing and Ethics  (2 0 10) 
W, 10-12 in E15-341 (First meeting  in E14-633)           

MAS.665J Raskar/Pentland        
AI for Impact: Global Ventures (3 0 9)
R, 10am-12pm in E14-633       

MAS.750 Breazeal
Human-Robot Interaction (2 0 7)
Not offered Fall 2023

MAS.808 Dagdeviren
Decoders 2.0: Microfabricated Devices (3 0 6)
W, 9am-12pm in E15-466          

MAS.825J Machover       
Musical Aesthetics and Media Technology (3 3 6)   
Not offered Fall 2023

MAS.834 Ishii 
Tangible Interfaces (3 3 6)
T, 1:00-4:00pm in E15-341  

MAS.837 Paradiso
Principles of Electronic Music Interfaces (3 0 9)
Not offered Fall 2023

MAS.838  Paradiso/Ekblaw/Hoffman    
Prototyping our Sci-Fi Space Future: Designing & Deploying Projects for Zero Gravity Flights (2 2 8)
T, 1-3pm in E15-359

MAS.858 Wood 
Can Space Enabled Designs Advance Justice and Development? (3 0 9)
M, 9am-12pm in E14-493           

MAS.863J Gershenfeld   
How to Make (Almost) Anything (3 9 6)                
     Lecture: W, 1-4pm in E14-633
     Recitation: R, 5-7pm in E14-633

MAS.881J (Meets w/ 20.352) Boyden           
Principles of Neuroengineering (3 0 9)  
Not offered Fall 2023

MAS.883J Jacobson/Bonsen
Revolutionary Ventures: How to Invent and Deploy Transformative Technologies (2 0 7)
R, 2-4 pm in E14-633          

MAS.921* Paradiso
Proseminar in Media Arts and Sciences (3 0 9)
R, 1-3 in  E15-341          

MAS.941* Esvelt  
Preparation for SM Thesis II (3 0 6)
W, 4-5:30 in E15-341          


MAS.S60 Breazeal/Ali/Abelson 
Generative Machine Learning in K-12 Education (2 0 10)
T, 1-3pm in 34-303 (meets with 6.S062 and MAS.S10)

MAS.S61 Sarkar 
Next generation devices for Nanoelectronics and Biotechnology (2 0 10)
R, 1-3pm in E15-466           

MAS.S62 Wood 
Black Feminist Thought and Design for the Future (3 0 9)
M, 2-5pm in E14-493

MAS.S63 Shilkrot/Maes
Computer Visions: Generative AI (0 6 0)       
M, 4-6pm in E15-359 

MAS.S64 Feldmeier/Mayton
The Art of Debugging (2 2 2)
F, 2-4pm  in E15-359           

MAS.S65 Kong
Ancient Future Technology (3 0 9)
Not offered Fall 2023

MAS.S66 Larson/Bila
City Sci-fi: Speculative Movie Making Towards the Design of Future Cities (3 2 7)
W, 2-5pm in E15-359          

MAS.S90* Paradiso/Obeng-Marnu
Intro to MAS (0 3 0)
R, 3-5pm in E15-341          

*indicates subject limited to students enrolled in the MAS program

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