New Online Events and Member Meeting Feedback

by Chikara Ishida

Dec. 10, 2020

Please submit your feedback for the recent Fall Member Event, suggestions for the upcoming Spring Member Event, and preferences for future virtual offerings from the MIT Media Lab.

NB: Please use the following definitions to assist you in making your choices.
Workshops are highly interactive and engaging sessions with multiple member companies and Media Lab participants working around a problem, theme or common interest. 
Brainstorming sessions are idea-generating events with one member company.
Large events are multi-member events around a theme, with speakers, moderators, panels, etc.
Small events  are curated deep dives into a topic with limited attendance. 
Executive events are small, curated events exclusively for top management and C-suite participants.
Courses are structured online learning opportunities for member companies.
Research updates are scheduled, live, or pre-recorded presentations on new projects from the Media Lab.